Cryptocurrency That Makes Everyday Transactions Possible

A new protocol designed to handle enterprise level transactions for the world.


The world requires high volume processing.

Blockchain based payment options have performance issues with security, scalability, and transaction speeds.


More than $15 Billion in current market value has been stolen to date. Some of these thefts involved human error, wallet exploits, errors in the blockchain architecture, errors in smart contracts, and more recently a man-in-the-middle attack during a transaction.

This trend creates market uncertainty, legal compliance, and price volatility issues - which have pushed participating merchants to leave the market.


Blockchain security is also its flaw because each block in the chain is dependent on the previous block's hash id. This means you cannot delete any blocks in the chain and the size of the architecture is perpetually growing.

This architecture has caused wallets to be over 100 Gigabytes in size and they will get larger. This problem will continue to compound and further slow down network speeds.

Transaction Speeds

Bitcoin 7 per second
Ethereum 20 per second
Visa 24,000 per second

This problem is a direct result of the data structure and ever-growing size of blockchain. December 2017 displayed real world examples of the flawed design with peak transactions taking over 30 minutes to complete and exchange withdrawals were unavailable.


The next evolution in transaction technology.

Proto Token aims to super charge processing with the PIRA protocol and APoR consensus algorithm.

Proto Token: A High Speed Cryptocurrency

PROTO is a utility token with many purposes including everyday transactions, business agreements, and financial services.

Everyday Transactions

PROTO aims to use a high-speed micro-transaction layer to process anything you might need in your daily routine.

Business Agreements

Documents, assets, and financial provisions can be agreed upon, automated, and executed using PROTO.

Financial Services

PROTO aims to provide financial solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing processes to save time and strictly adhere to agreements.

New Protocol (PIRA): Private Intelligent Responsive Autonomous

The PIRA protocol is an autonomous decentralized ledger technology designed to support (3) core network features: Security, Speed, & Scalability:

Security is Trustless

The PIRA Network aims to be a true trustless decentralized network. This means participants can transact without fear of being cheated by other parties or having to trust a centralized 3rd party.

High Volume Transactions

The new PIRA Network aims to utilize a data structure that provides speed, scalability, and improved security to prepare Proto Token for high volume transactions. Our initial goal is 100,000 transactions per second.

Broad Application & Scalability

PIRA brings everyday transactions, business agreements, and financial services to a whole new level. Participants benefit from distributed application (dApp) development and expanded PIRA network services.

New Consensus Algorithm (APoR): Alternating Proof of Reputation

The APoR is one of the key features of the PIRA Network. The APoR is designed to provide:

Fraud Prevention

No Forks or 51% attacks to falsify the ledger.


Equal access to token rewards for all participants.

Energy & Cost Efficiency

The APoR uses less energy and aims to provide low, stable fees.


Experience the Benefits of Proto Token

Conduct business globally in a secure and fraud-free environment.


The ecosystem design allows online retailers to access an easy-to-use, low cost solution that lets merchants add crypto payment options directly to their existing payment flow or added as a separate option.

Prompt Payout

Our goal with strategic partners is to select the option Instant Conversion and Proto Token payments to send your preferred currency directly to your merchant account with zero price volatility or risk.

Significantly Lower Fees

Proto Token aims to provide a much lower fee structure compared to the 3% or more charged by most credit card companies and $3 to $30 fees charged by cryptocurrencies.

Faster Transactions

The initial goal of Proto Token is to process more than 100,000 transactions per second and increase the speed with further calibration. This processing rate easily out performs Bitcoin's 7, Ethereum's 20, and Visa's 24,000 transactions per second.

Use Case Ready

The development of FreshSqz Marketplace has enabled the immediate integration of Proto Token and provides the perfect environment to prove multiple utility use cases.

Simple Payment API

A payment API is scheduled for public release, which assists merchants online to accept Proto Token payments. Connection time aims to be a day or less.

Token Mining

The goal of Proto Token is to create a fair system of decentralized transactions. The PIRA Network shows no bias to any one user or group so all participants have equall access to token rewards.

Lightweight Wallet

Proto Token is designed with a lightweight wallet that can be quickly synced from any device. Our app aims to be fast and simple to install and work on Windows, Mac, Linux, OSX, and Android systems.

Fraud Protection

Our design is a multi-tiered security protocol to protect token holders and all token history. The APoR aims to regulate security to provide a safe environment to utilize PROTO.

Featured Components

These are the first components designed for the PIRA Network.

Smart Contract Editor

Create, test, and deploy powerful smart contracts in less than 10 minutes. Smart contracts aim to conduct automated business agreements worldwide that are secure from exploits and can be used to transfer PROTO, ownership, documents, and files.

Vault Storage

This feature is a safe storage of Tokenized Assets and requires a 3-factor offline code to access or transfer these funds to its paired wallet. The paired vault feature blocks these funds from being transferred anywhere else but the wallet assigned to the vault. Once a vault is paired to a wallet, it can never be changed.

Instant Conversion

Proto Token aims to create a Tokenized Assets Ecosystem to buy and sell PROTO with strategic partners to provide liquidity for merchants and allow holders of cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services using Proto Token.

Future Applications

Proto Token aims to bring adoption of cryptocurrency to everyone using Near Field Communications (NFC) and PIRA Services.
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PASS PROTO with Near Field Communications (NFC)

Our goal is for participants to PASS PROTO seamlessly between participating devices including mobile. This would be a breakthrough for cryptocurrency in personal and local business commerce! We believe application of instant hand-to-hand payments prepares Proto Token for large-scale adoption and application.

Use of NFC technologies creates a quick integration into physical point-of-sale locations piggy-backing off existing hardware in use for a low cost, low labor, and quick integration solution.

PIRA Services

Automate long-term payment agreements using PROTO for royalties, sponsorships, and contractual agreements. These services are designed seamlessly into current workflows for access to a fraud-free environment and guaranteed adherence to long-term payment distributions.

The services aim to change best practices and business in an honest way!


Checkout with PROTO & Save on Fees!

Buy event tickets and products with Proto Token.

The FreshSqz Marketplace

Presently, Proto Token is being built for immediate use-cases on the FreshSqz Marketplace, a crypto-friendly integration environment for buying and selling event tickets, merchandise, and eventually PIRA Services.

Trial Run

FreshSqz Marketplace was developed to be the first online retailer to utilize the Proto Token Payment API that aims to revolutionize high volume transactions with cryptocurrency.

This case study for the protocol aims to open the door for quick adoption from our strategic partner waiting list. Once the Proto Token Payment API is public, any company or individual can participate and connect the payment system with ease.


Retailers can look forward to directly selling to consumers, eliminating the need for middlemen, which in turn, eliminates fees, overhead restrictions, and the inherent delays in transactions and settlements.

Users can expect to pay drastically lower transaction fees instead of the 3% charged by most credit cards.

Perfect for Hosting

Tradeshows, festivals, concerts, product releases, etc.

User Base

Event organizers, online retailers, and music artists

Checkout with Proto Token

With Proto Token, purchases are designed to embody the same simplicity as utilizing store credit during checkout and cost consumers far less than paying with a credit card.

The goal is to integrate PROTO for online payment gateways and using NFC technolgies to facilitate Crypto-Point-of-Sale (CPOS) at events for vendor merchandise and services.

Be one of the first to experience the benefits of PROTO by joining the FreshSqz Marketplace.

Join FreshSqz & Save Big On Fees

We challenge you to find a better deal.


Crushing Milestones

These project milestones outline our path from inception to the first beta release utilizing Proto Token.

Q3 2017


A Crypto Marketplace & Utility Token

Utility Token Design

Market research and use case review.

Q4 2017

FreshSqz Beta Online

Proto Token integration design for point-of-sale payments.

Q1 2018

Complete Whitepapers

The PIRA protocol and Proto Token.

Q2 2018

Pre-ICO Sale

1st round of the Proto Token crowdsale.

Phase 1 - Expansion

Hire new personnel, FreshSqz marketing outreach, & testing the PIRA protocol.

Q3 2018

ICO Sale

Last round of the Proto Token crowdsale.

Phase 2 - Prototypes

Complete core architechture, & initial prototypes.

Q4 2018

Phase 3 - Benchmarks

Test prototypes and complete Lightweight Wallet prototype.

Q2 2019

Phase 4 - Adoption

FreshSqz testing, payment API integration, and Proto Token upgrade.

Q2 2020

Phase 5 - Public Services

Release of public API and integration of PIRA Services on FreshSqz Marketplace.



Total Token Supply: 333,000,000 PROTO

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Use of Funds

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Expert Management

Edward Peifer

Full Stack Developer

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Dr. William Jensen

Systems / Security Expert

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Pierre Drummond

Senior UX / UI Designer

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Antonnis Siler

Marketing Director

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Cal Evens

Legal Council / Advisor

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